Global Management Trainee (GMT) program: a 360 view of our business in just 10 months

Our GMT program will give you an in-depth look across the entire organization to prepare you for your fast-track career here at AB InBev. You’ll have the opportunity to have a direct impact on the business and influence key decisions. From entry level to zone president, everyone has a seat at the table and is expected to bring their best every single day.

We immerse you with hands-on experience in various functional areas from Marketing to Sales to Operations. You’ll work in different breweries and offices and get to know top leaders along the way.

Your training is just the foundation, your first role is where you’ll make a difference, and the rest of your career at ABI is where you will leave your mark and have an impact. After 12-18 months in your first role, we’ll expect you to embrace your next challenge in a more senior role.

Global and zone induction

Your experience will begin with an induction to our company's culture, vision, and strategy. You’ll join other trainees from around the world and meet our CEO  and our senior leaders .


To develop a deep understanding of our business, you will be immersed into our functional areas such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Solutions . You will also work with the Innovation team to flex your creative and analytical muscles while learning what it takes to launch a new idea.

Who are we looking for?

Our rotational training program is for the most visionary,, curious, bold and driven recent university graduates, who want to make their mark. e ready to take on tough challenges, adapt to different work situations, have an open and global mindset and connect with others both inside and outside our company. We’re a company of owners, and our size doesn’t stop our people from making an individual impact.

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Meet previous GMTs

Ailén F.
GMT Argentina

The best part about the GMT program is the vast network that you create through working in each of the projects in the different areas and have exposure to the VPs and their teams.


Naveen M.

Future GMTs, my advice to you is… Be open to everything you see, all the people you meet and absorb as much information as you can – it’s a lifetime learning experience for your future career. You will see that opportunities are endless.

Jake V.

The most important thing I learned during my GMT training is it’s not about what you studied its about what you can do.

Alejandro G.
GMT Mexico

Having a global vision of the company has helped me make better decisions in my current position. As a GMT I have a big picture of how the company works and I know what can/cant be done within the time frame, that’s an added value for our future.

Denise B.
GMT Mexico

This company is truly based on culture and your hard effort and determination will be rewarded.

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