Invoicing AB InBev

Before invoicing, AB InBev suppliers must be set up as vendors within our systems. Your AB InBev contact person will provide you with any documentation that needs to be completed. Once the supplier is set up in our system, a purchase order (PO) can be raised. All invoices must have a PO number to enable payment; without a PO the invoice cannot be paid. You will be informed by your local AB InBev contact of any specific local requirements that are in place.

Addressing Problems with Payments

While we take steps to ensure that our payment processes are timely and efficient, there may be occasions when suppliers experience issues or delays with our payment processes. In these cases, please contact the relevant local teams, who can provide support with investigation and resolution of issues. Before issuing any invoices to AB InBev, please ensure that you have a PO number. Payment is only possible for invoices that include valid PO numbers.

Purchasing Order & Delivery Related Questions